Nov 24, Hastings Early Music Festival, Opus Theatre

Hastings Early Music Festival welcomes artist Caro SaintVire to exhibit at Opus Theatre on Nov 24 for the opening concert of the Festival. Caro has selected works to reflect the music being performed by the Rautio Piano Trio in the evening’s concert – Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven.

Caro: “When I’m painting in the studio, music is always incredibly important to me. It plays loudly, surrounding me with a layer of vibration, drowning out the outside world, allowing me to get to that place of connection with some inner flow… the expression of this through paint on canvas, pulling in the inspiration of remembered skies and seas, light and dark, sometimes vivid in colour, sometimes monochrome… sometimes quiet… but mostly full of the sublime drama of the natural world.”

Pop in to Opus Theatre from 4pm to view Caro’s paintings.

Here’s what’s going on during the day, all free festival events:

4pm onwards View Caro’s paintings
4-5pm Open Rehearsal
6.15-6.45pm Artists in Conversation: pre-concert event with the Rautio Piano Trio

Evening concert: At 7.30pm the Rautio Piano Trio perform ‘The Rise of the Piano Trio’ on the stunning Pheonix piano at Opus Theatre. More details or to book tickets: eventbrite

About Caro
Caro SaintVire grew up in a family of artists. Her mother is a portrait painter with clients all around the globe, her grandfather was a painter and sculptor. Caro graduated from the University of Brighton with a first class degree in Fine Art and took postgrad courses at Chelsea College of Art and Design whilst honing her style and technique. She works within the field of abstracted realism, inspired by the breathtaking natural world around us.